About The Company

Frometech was founded by Jamie Seviour in January 2014.  Based in Frome, Somerset we provide outstanding IT and technology services to local businesses, schools and homes within a 12 mile radius of the town.  The three main principles that Frometech is governed by is Honesty, Professionalism and Dedication.  None of our staff have to meet monthly sales targets, so they can concentrate on providing you the best IT and technology services locally.  We will not try to sell you anything you do not need, but should you need any IT equipment we work with the best IT suppliers in the UK so we can always give you excellent pricing.

Frometech’s pricing structure is set at an extremely competitive rate compared to other companies in the area.  Once the skillset and qualifications that Frometech’s staff hold is factored into the price, then we are the best value for money locally.  Our response rate is never more than 24 hours, and we can usually deal with emergency calls within 4 hours.  Our operating hours are 8:30am – 8:30pm Mon-Sat for your convenience.

Even though Frometech is a relatively young company we have grown at a substantial rate, and have taken on extra staff (all of whom are Microsoft certified and CRB checked) to cater for our expanding customer base.  We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, and on our latest customer survey our customer satisfaction rating was 100%.  The survey also showed that 100% of our customers would recommend us to their friends and family.  Our mission is to never let our expansion hinder this excellent level of service. In February 2014 Frometech became a signatory to the Association of Computer Repair Businesses Owners code of conduct, for extra piece of mind to our customers.  This also means our staff will always behave in a professional and courteous manor to other support companies in the area, and will never act or talk discourteously about them to anyone, or via our social networking outlets.Our staff are constantly being trained on new software and emerging technologies to keep their skill sets current, and to give you the most relevant information possible.

Thank you for taking the time to read about Frometech – and I hope our service continues to meet all of your expectations. Jamie Seviour

Managing Director

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