How to secure your companies IT

I’m sure you agree with me with I say that there is not a week that goes by when you don’t see an email or hear about cybersecurity and how cybercriminals have bled another victim dry of money. In this … Read More

What is a Virus and should I worry about them?

What is a virus? Viruses are nasty bits of software that are downloaded onto your computer, laptop or tablet, sometimes without you even knowing it’s happened.  Viruses come in many different variants, with varying levels of annoyance and inconvenience. Some … Read More

Ransomware – All you need to know

What is Ransomware? As you may have heard in the press there has been a massive attack on IT systems all over the world, affecting at least 99 countries. Organisations such as the NHS in the UK, along with Telefonica, … Read More

Windows 10 Creators Update

Windows 10 Creators Update – All You Need To Know Microsoft released the latest edition of Windows 10 on April the 8th, known as “Creators”. This update will be applied through the Windows Update platform – as many of you … Read More

Frometech Gains Cyber Essentials Accreditation

It’s been a great week for Frometech, we have achieved the Government’s Cyber Essentials accreditation! What does this mean? I hear you ask. By achieving this accreditation, we have shown that we take our systems security extremely seriously. We have … Read More

Windows Vista, Soon to be unsupported

Microsoft have announced they will no longer be supporting Windows Vista from 11th April 2017. So what does this actually mean? This means that after 10 years Microsoft will no longer provide any updates for this operating system leaving it … Read More

Internet Provider Scam

“Tech Support” scam hitting the UK & US A new scam is coming over from the US which tries to trick people into phoning what appears to be a legitimate number for technical support.  The pop up appears on the … Read More

Windows 10 – Coming to a computer near you!

It was announced on Monday (1st June) that Microsoft will be releasing their latest iteration of Windows – Windows 10 on the 29th July. So what does the mean for me? Do I need to upgrade? How do I get … Read More