Business Changes

We are expanding our Business Support Services and discontinuing our showroom from July 12th

Frometech has been serving the community for over five rewarding years and we’ve had the pleasure of greeting many of you in our showrooms for much of that time. This makes it extremely difficult to announce that as of 5.00pm on the 12th July, we will be discontinuing our showroom and support services to residential customers. A large part of our operation is supporting businesses, school and charities on monthly support contracts and to maintain a high level of service there, we have decided to end our support to residential clients

The next phase of our business is to expand our Business, Schools and Charities support. We will be offering support and consultation services to business ranging in size from sole traders to 100+ employees, within a 15 mile radius of Frome, schools and charities on a contract or ad-hoc basis. For more information please visit our new website

We would like to extend our utmost thanks and appreciation to residential customers for your continued support during our time working as Frometech. We’ve made many lasting memories and strong community connections.

All residential customers who purchase their ESET antivirus licences through us on an annual basis will continue to be able to do so. We will make contact with you two weeks before your current licence is due to expire.

We will continue to be based at 43-44 Vallis Way but will be retiring the Frometech brand and expanding geekingITsimple. The office will be closed to the general public from 5.00pm on the 12th July.

Current Repairs:


 All repairs and warranties will be honoured, and you will still be able to contact us concerning any hardware issues on any current or past repairs on our usual contact numbers. All repairs are guaranteed for three months and items purchased from us for 6 months.

 Any repairs left in the showroom after the above date will be available for collection until three months after you have been notified of collection.

 All Residential Memberships will remain valid until their expiry date.

 The last day for residential drop offs will be the 6th July at 13:00.

 UPS drop offs and collections will continue until 5pm on the 19th July.

We would like to send our warmest regards and deepest thanks for the past 5 and a half years working as Frometech. It has been a pleasure helping you all.

As geekingITsimple, we look forward to helping business, schools and charity customers for many years to come.

Jamie, Terry, Tyrone, Debbie and Tom