Data Recovery

Data-RecoveryHas your memory stick corrupted? Did you accidentally delete some important files? Frometech can help!

Frometech offers a data recovery service to help recover corrupted or deleted files. Using specialist software we can recover all file types on any type of media, from your computer’s hard drive, to your digital cameras memory card.

There are rare occasions where we cannot recover lost data, this is usually as a result of a drive failure on a hard drive, or a long period of time passing between the files being deleted and us trying to recover the data.  If we cannot recover any data then we do not charge for this service.

Frometech offers a flat fee of £47 for this service.  We do ask that you sign a Data Recovery Consent form before we attempt any recovery for legal reasons.

For more information please email or call. To book a visit or collection please call us on 01373 470170. If you are in Frome you can also drop your device off to our Repair Centre, 43-44 Vallis Way, Frome.