PC & Laptop Health Checks

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Is your PC running slow or not booting properly? Does it take ages to boot up? Is your laptop running hot? If yes then your machine is in need of a health check!

Frometech offer an 11 point health check service, to get your PC running properly again.

Over time your machine will clog itself up with unneeded files, configuration files will become corrupt and the registry will become bloated.  All of this will mean that your machine will slow down over time and may start to crash or become unresponsive.

Our 11 point health check is designed to de-clutter your machine, along with scanning and removing any viruses or spyware found on the system.  We will tune up Windows to get it running as fast as the day you first turned it on and will make sure it is safe and secure for you to use confidently.

Our Health Check charges are fixed at just £42 plus VAT.  For more information please email or call.  To book a visit or collection please use the Book Online link on the menu.  If you are in Frome you can also drop your device off in our Repair Centre.