Virus Removal

virus-removalIs your PC running slow or not booting properly? Have you lost files or folders? Are you getting annoying popups? Have you been contacted by “Microsoft” to say you have  virus on your system?  If yes then you probably have unwanted virus / malware!

Frometech offer an expert virus / malware removal service, to get your pc running properly again.

Viruses and malware can infect your system in many different ways, but we can guarantee to remove the unwanted infection from your PC and provide you with some safety training to help reduce the risks of further infection. We can also install ESET antivirus onto your computer to help safeguard against future infections.

Virus/Malware removal charges start from just £47. For more information please email or call. To book a visit or collection please call us on 01373 470170. If you are in Frome you can also drop your device off to our Repair Centre, 43-44 Vallis Way, Frome.