Internet Provider Scam


“Tech Support” scam hitting the UK & US

A new scam is coming over from the US which tries to trick people into phoning what appears to be a legitimate number for technical support.  The pop up appears on the screen and will have the logo of your Internet Service Provider (ISP) such as BT, Talk talk or Sky.  You will be informed that your ISP has detected viruses or malware coming from your machine and you are prompted to phone a number for technical support.

Once you have phoned the number you will be asked for remote access to your computer, where upon the scammers will run some automated scripts which will appear to show you the list of viruses on your computer.  They will then ask you to log in to your online banking account so you can pay for removal – this is where the scammers get your User ID, Username and password to your account.

If you should have a pop up appear on your computer as described above, quickly shut the computer down and unplug it from the wall, then call us on 01373 470170 so that we can scan your system for viruses and software that could allow the scammers to gain remote access to your computer.

Should you inadvertently fall for this scam phone your bank immediately to get your transactions frozen and ask for a new password.  Then call us on 01373 470170to cleanse your computer!

Please remember that not all antivirus solutions will protect you from this scam.

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