Windows 10 Creators Update

Windows 10 Creators Update – All You Need To Know
Microsoft released the latest edition of Windows 10 on April the 8th, known as “Creators”. This update will be applied through the Windows Update platform – as many of you had Windows 10 applied from your previous Windows installation!
So why have they released this update, and what is new I hear you ask. Below is a selection of some of the new features that have been introduced.

Improved Privacy Settings
Microsoft received a lot of negative feedback about the amount of data Windows was collecting about its users. Microsoft made changes in the last Windows 10 update to allow users to change certain elements of privacy. They have continued the trend with this latest update to now allow users to turn off data collection for location information, diagnostic information, advertisements and speech recognition. We would strongly suggest that you review the improved privacy settings once your machine has upgraded.

Edge Update
Microsoft have finally began to realise that its bundled web browser known as Edge has not been well received by the public. This has meant competitors such as Google Chrome have become much more popular. To combat this Microsoft have made some improvements to their Edge browser such as putting webpages to sleep. This feature allows you to retain a website in a tab for future browsing, but without it using up any of the system resources, theoretically making your machine run faster. Edge is also the first browser to support 4k (ultra high definition) video streaming from Netflix. If you do not have a 4k display however, then this feature is of not much use.

Start Menu
Microsoft continue to tweak the Start Menu and have now re-added the folder functionality that was taken away in Windows 8. You will now have the ability to create folders for specific shortcuts to make for speedy navigation.

Dynamic Locking
If you have your smartphone tethered to your machine via Bluetooth Windows 10 will now automatically lock itself when it detects your phone moving away from the machine.

Windows Paint
Paint has been bundled with Windows since the very first editions (3 / 3.1). Paint allows users to create rather basic drawings. Microsoft have breathed new life into its paint program by now allowing users to create 3D drawings. These will never be as good as if they were created on a professional drawing program such as Adobe Photoshop, but it is a step in the right direction!

Game Mode
The new game mode feature works by diverting all available memory and processing power to running games when enabled, which increases the performance of the game. Chances are this will not have any noticeable difference unless you are playing games, which are at the top end of your machines capabilities.

Night Light
Microsoft are following the lead from Apple and Android on this latest edition. Users will now have the ability to change the amount of blue light emitted from the screen during selected hours. The theory behind this is that the blue light wavelength prevents people from being able to fall asleep. If you use your machine before you go to bed then this feature in theory will help you have a good night’s sleep.

Windows updates do not always install as planned and can end up causing your machine to become unusable. Should this happen to you, or if you wish to talk through the upgrade options please do give us a call on 01373 470170.

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