Windows Vista, Soon to be unsupported

Microsoft have announced they will no longer be supporting Windows Vista from 11th April 2017.

So what does this actually mean? This means that after 10 years Microsoft will no longer provide any updates for this operating system leaving it vulnerable.

How will it affect me? If you are running Windows Vista it will still work but without any further updates you could become a target for cyber-attacks. Cyber criminals tend to target out of date operating systems as their vulnerabilities won’t be patched, this will allow them to exploit the operating systems over and over again without any interference from Microsoft.

Having a new operating system may seem daunting to some people but it is a vital part of cyber security to keep up to date with the latest systems and updates. It’s important to keep your computer up to date with the latest updates from Microsoft, Installing Microsoft updates may seem like a nuisance but these updates contain important security patches which help protect your computer.

Will this mean my computer will stop working?  Your computer will continue to function as it does today, but you will notice that other software manufactures will also drop support for Vista over time.  Google have already announced that they will no longer support their internet browser Chrome.  Microsoft Security Essentials and other antivirus programs will have their Vista support dropped also.  The added danger is that Internet Explorer will also no longer receive updates, so any security vulnerabilities found will no longer be patched.  This could be very dangerous if you access internet banking sites via your Vista machine.

What are my options? The best option is to upgrade your operating system to Windows 7, 8.1 or 10. Most of you will be thinking you don’t want to upgrade and learn a new operating system but you will be surprised in the similarities between Windows Vista and Windows 7.   You will not lose any of your document, pictures, videos or music from your system.

If you are running Windows Vista and would like to discuss your options, please feel free to drop in and see us or give us a phone call.

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